Me and my first meeting with C-CLOWN’s Ray

Finally this is my second post here. I was so busy, so I just write it on my laptop and never post it. Here we go my story on the White Day night at Hongdae!!

On March 14th, C-Clown held mini event for celebrating White Day together with their girlfriends! Don’t be nervous or jealous their girlfriends are Crowns. Yes, Crown and C-Clown celebrating White Day together. C-Clown oppas wore their blue ‘Justice’ costume and it was really cute after all.

Since their debut I have attracted to a flawless boy. His voice is very charm,and his appearance very very prince-look. We are same liner, and same blood type and both of us love Naruto . My mom loves Kangjun more because she thought that Jun has manly face and his voice is gently. I said that Ray is cute (+handsome) and he have beautiful voice too. So we have arguing to decided who is the most handsome between Jun and Ray. Absolutely it’s Ray (for me) he is the best!!! No one can beat him, but if you says Sunggyu I can’t choose between them, I will say both of them are the best!. Ok, back to main topic. Actually, I feel so clueless with this post because it’s so random Orz. At night he post on his twitter :


soccer4065  :

“여러분 뮤직뱅크 끝나구 저는 홍대가는중입니다ㅎㅎ다들 홍대에서봐요”

When I open my twitter suddenly his face appeared and I screams because of his cuteness. Look the way he puts the lollipop into his mouth. His cheek become squirrel-look (whut?). I love his black nail and purple hair, its suits him well. I just understand that he said “See you guys at Hongdae”. What? What? Hongdae? And then I remember about White Day event.

Dang! They gave roses and chocolates for Crowns! They are showing ‘Justice’ to us and I just ‘WOW RAY!!!!’ Seriously, I forgot everything near me.

Something that unforgettable…. I saw him and he come toward then we did High-5. His hand is very warm and bigger than me. I wont wash my hand!!! ><

Until midnight I can’t close my eyes and ended up with headache in the morning. I look into my hand… it was like a dream but so real. Waaaahhhhh I’m so crazy!!!

See you with my another story! -LoveImage

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