It’s Hard to be a Leader

Become a chief of annual event, I never dream about that before.

It’s same as become a leader!!!

I adore Sunggyu so much because he is the best leader role for me. See? See? He is very cute but actually he is a bit fierce to his member when it’s for practicing. I thought that it was something good for him to acted like that because he is the oldest and he wants his member being a good member #whuut? they are already good


He know how to treat his member even they are already on top they are still humble mostly Sunggyu. He is such a humble person!

Well actually this is related to my story life I have join the organization committee for a few months ago.  The first time I join the organization because I just want to had more experience, I want to change my character, and wants to become everyone friend but I ended up enjoying my busy life with the organization until it makes me rarely to do fangirling and I can’t changed my weird character at all /sobs/ My friends said I’m a weird girl because I’m different with another girl. My hobbies are photograph, writing story, listening to music, reading comic, drawing manga, playing video games, watching anime, eating (seriously I enjoying this much) , collecting something unique (weird) for example girls love to collect something cute but I’m into something cool that boy wearing, etc. My style is almost black everyday because if I wear something with colorful I feel uncomfortable. I love wearing pants than a skirt. I choose wearing boyish hoodie than girly hoodie. Soooo…. that’s why I join this organization buuuuuuut unluckily It’s make my weird habit even worst since I have boy friends a lot here and my classmates will say like “What the hell are you wearing today?!” when I appears with blue or pink or purple clothes, but when I appear with my boyish style the girls will say “Handsome” when the boys “I hate you! you’re taller than me and you looks cool!” failed project I’m 167cm and I know it Orz

Well back to the main point actually we have no point here For Inspirit you should know how is Sunggyu character, right? So, I’m here to share something with you my lovely reader. Like I have said before I have join the organization and I still lack in many things. I join it because I think I could make my leader skill better. I keep try and try to  be better, my friend and seniors always support me and that’s make me strong. There were an event and one of the member got the role as a leader and I was coordinator of the event and mostly the advisers said I was doing great job. Somehow I used to be coordi in every event, lol i’m coordiweird here!

But on March 22nd when we had a meeting for annual event I just never thought that my friends and my senior trust me a lot and choose me as the chief of annual event! Finally this is my debut ahahaha!

unled19copyI thinks once again that I’m not good as a leader. I have recommended my friend, she is very good at arranges or being coordi. For me she is the best, but the forum won’t accepted my reason. They were remained me as the leader role here. Just trust me I’m not good at all and I’m scared that I will too obsessed to this work. Actually I’m the type which easy to obsess on something and I’m lazy to thinking hard it’s make me tired heol… My character is into L actually. I’m stubborn person, but I still listening to them just never takes the words haha. I hate when people make me in rush or blame to me. I could explode anytime when I feel so tired, sad, or mad. Mostly my friends said I’m a calm person but actually I’m not I’m hard person but deeply in my heart I’m easy to have tears on my cheeks hahaa! but because all of the member trust me I should put my effort on my work, I should press my ego and bad temper! I have promised to myself I should make this event looks very good and make the team proud of their work. I try as best as I can and won’t make them sorry for choose me as the leader.

They are always gives me support like “you can do it!” “Please lead us!” when my friends “Are you serious?” “What? don’t kidding me! are you the leader?” Well I’m here just trying to focus on my work and ignore them for a moment. My classmates won’t bother me when I become so silent and calm in the class because if they try to speak or jokes with me I will explode I’m really sorry for my bad temper. When the day one of my friend told the entire class if I’m the leader they just shocked and trust me that the rumor is not joking. So, when I become so silent they just let me work and thinking by myself and they won’t bother or make a joke with me again. I feel so happy because they could accept my existence #what? I’m already exist because of my weird character

When it was my second day I try to be a leader, it’s not as easy as I thought before. I won’t to be a hard leader I won’t to make decision by myself it’s so selfish! So, I try to be as care as I can to my members and always control them and asked if everything going smoothly. Dang! The next day I have deadline for my task, I should modify my lectures, I should consult about the schedule, theme and the date of event to our adviser, and when I have consulted I want to know what the members think about it and mostly they didn’t reply to my messages. I’m worried and depressed like the hell in my room! In the morning when I cooked for my breakfast I don’t know how I got the cut on my hand, it’s very hurt Orz

Really it’s not easy to be a leader, but I try to keep going on and face the H-day! I believe I can do it because some of them said I’m not alone and they are trust me I can lead them to the final goal and from that day I always says ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ with no reason to my classmates or my members. I wish everything will going smoothly for the next day, if not I feel like I’m just a useless leader here and I couldn’t face my friends or seniors! Wish me luck! ^^

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