“Help Me” Urgent Request of The Student at The Time of The Sinking

I found an article today and I decided to translate it because I feel so0 curious with it and I would like to share to my reader. I hope my korean translation is not bad.

8:00 a.m. the morning of 52 minutes 119 control room. Below is a professional recording logs.

Chonnam NationalFire Department 119 control room : It’s 119control room

Student:Help me.

119 : Hello.

Students : Hello.

119 : Yes it’s 119 control room

Students : Here is the ship here is it was sinking, I thought.

119 : the ship sank?

Student : I was going to Jeju Island now but the ship here sank I guess.

119 : Well … wait a minute. Ok … Ok do you mean that you’re ride sinking ship? Or that another boat sank you’re talking about?

Student : I ride the boat. The boat leaves!

119 : hello?

Student : yes.

119 : wait. I’ll connectdirectly toCoast Guard. What’s name of the ship. Perhaps.

Student : would the teacher replace?

119 : yes. Let me speak to your teacher.

Student : yes.

119 : hello.

Teacher : The ship sank here.

119 : The ship sank? What’s the name of ship? Hello?

Student : yes.

119 : What’s the name of ship? I’ll connectdirectly toCoast Guard.

Student : Wait a minute. Sewol ferry. Sewol.

119 : Wait a minute. I’ll connectdirectly to Coast Guard.

(8:54:07 a.m. – Mokpo Coast Guard to report content delivery)

119 : yes,. Thank you. 119 control room here.

MokpoCoast Guard: Yes.

119 : right now the ship sank, I’m here to reported that the ship is sinking.

Coast Guard : you said that the boat is sinking? The ship location? Location?

119 : Right now the base station position of mobile phone crude is Jindo.

Coast Guard : Would be released in a magnitude of illumination?

119 : Seogeochado-ri

Coast Guard : Seogeochado-ri?

119 : yes. Seogeochado-ri have open right now. I’ll report the phone number 010-xxxx-xxxx

Coast Guard : How are the end of number?

119 : It’s xxxx. We have got connect now, sir.

(8:54:38 a.m. -3 Times Calling)

119 : Marine police notified came in minutes now. Please call me right now.

Coast Guard : Hello. It’s Mokpo National Maritime Police. Please tell us the location.

Student: Yes?

Coast Guard : Location. Also tell me the theodolite (longitude and latitude)

Student: Yes?

119 : he don’t know latitude and longitude. People is in the ship. People is in the ship.

Student : My cell phone?

Coast Guard : Hello. Mokpo National Maritime Police here. Please tell me now finds the position of the ship sinking.  Ship position where is the position of the ship right now?

Student : I’m not sure of the location.  Here now….

Coast Guard : I understand, you don’t know the location?

Student : Here looks like the island It looks like this.

Coast Guard : yes?

Student : I don’t know it.

Coast Guard : You’re not sure which the island you saw? Where did you sail?

Student : Yesterday…. Yesterday….

Coast Guard : Sailed yesterday?

Student :  I think it’s 8.00 (PM) yesterday, around that time.

Coast Guard : Yesterday it was departed at 8:00? Where? Where?

Student :  There‘d have departed from Incheon.

Coast Guard : Did you say you departed from the port of Incheon?

Student : yes.

Coast Guard : What’s the name of the ship? The name of the ship?

(8:55:38 a.m.- Sewol ferry confirmation)

Student :  It’s Sewol ferry. Sewol.

Coast Guard : Sewol?

Student : yes.

Coast Guard :  What kind of ship? ship types …. Is it ferry? Or the fishing vessel?

Student : I believe it’s a ferry.

Coast Guard : a ferry?

Student : yes.

Coast Guard : and the ferry sank right now under it? The ship?

Student : yes?

Coast Guard : Is it sunk? The ship?

Student : yes. I suppose like you were saying. It’s tilting to one side now.

Coast Guard : Being sunk because it’s tilting to one side now. Hello? Who is next to you?

Student :  Teachers reveals a long which Teacher is mind of now

Coast Guard : which teacher is not mind?

Student : Yes. I called you instead.

Coast Guard : yes. I just noticed that at 8:00 departed from the port at Incheon Port.

119 : Ah. Hello?

Student : Yes.

119 : Coast Guard is it? 119 control room here.  We keep enters this phones here. The other phones. Report it to others that we have been reported it now.

Coast Guard : Come continue to Report it? We did one contact.


source. The Kyunghyang Shinmun


Just all that the article said about and I wouldn’t put any picture of the ship yet, it’s hurting. I feel so sad and scared yet imagine if I were the victim too. Reading the articles and I cant believe what i’m seeing. Prayers going out to the families who are impacted from the Sewol Ferry accident and its make my heart broke into pieces 😦

Let’s send our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their family & friends of the Sewol ferry accident. Condolences to the victims who sacrificed their life and I feel so sorry for their families of the Sewol ferry accident, let’s hope that the missing passengers are returned safely home. #‎PrayForSouthKorea


Knowing that there is any 6 year old girl rescued from the ferry makes me happy. She is very pretty hope she is not feel trauma with the accident :”D